Importing certificate for SAML connection setup is returning invalid certificate message (md5?)

Hi folks!
I am attempting to setup a SAMLP Identity Provider connection with a city IT department. I have the sign in url etc but when I upload the X509 certificate they provided me, auth0 is telling me invalid certificate. I have installed the certificate in the store on my machine and it looks valid. The only off thing I see is the certificate looks like it was signed with md5 hashing algorithm. Is this why Auth0 is not allowing it? If so is there a way to get this cert in there and connected? If not, what other possible reasons or debugging could I check to see why it doesn’t like the cert?

Hey there @dclark and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

On the problem at hand, It’s very likely you are running into an issue with how the X509 is encoded. We actually have a terrific doc that I’ve listed below that dives into the whole process. When you get a minute give it a look and it should aid you in your quest. In the chance it doesn’t, please let me know what you feel it is missing so we can work to adjust it accordingly. Thanks!

  • X509 Signing Certificate : The signing certificate (encoded in PEM or CER) provided by the identity provider

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