macOS/iOS Safari passwordless login doesn't work on first attempt

Hey guys,

We have a React application with a custom login screen which provides a passwordless login experience but we are having an issue when logging in for the first time in any version of Safari.

At the moment we are using auth0.js (v9.7.3) using passwordlessStart to generate the access code, passwordlessLogin to verify the code and then parseHash to grab the accessToken and idToken from the callback hash. This works as expected in all browsers except Safari (on all devices, mobile and desktop), in Safari we get the following error Unable to configure verification page.

Based on what I read here this seems to be down to Safari not supporting 3rd party cookies from URLs it hasn’t been to before which is why it works the 2nd time you log in. I am just looking for confirmation that the proposed solution will work for passwordless too before we upgrade to a paid service and fully implement custom domains.

If this is the case is there any documentation you can provide on the changes required to implement this?



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