Safari. Unable to configure verification page

Hello there,
We are use Embedded Login and have problems with Safari.

Social login works in Safari, but password login does not.

We got an error while trying to login with email / password.

{error: "server_error", errorDescription: "Unable to configure verification page.", state: "F4XReuBjEwsYMRQPyfvPGmnEQXZp-58J"}


"react": "17.0.2",
"auth0-js": "^9.16.2"

Hi Evgenii!

In your initial post, i don’t see you reference that you are leveraging a custom domain. It worries me because if you are not using one, you can experience inconsistencies as Embedded login for web uses Cross Origin Authentication. Furthermore, do you have webAuth.crossOriginVerification() setup?