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M2M ( client creditentials flow) pricing


I have a free account and I plan to use it “productively” for my upcoming project. Once it gets any significant usage I plan to go to payed account but I want to start slow so the free account fits me perfectly.
I am able to define M2M applications and execute the client credentials flow perfectly fine.
But recently I saw a slider "enable M2M) on the pricing page for Developer Pro (payed) that makes me worried that M2Ms are not supported with developer and free account. So I am wondering if there is any usage limitation on M2M for free and developer accounts, outside of the total number of active users ?


Hey there @maxim_naidenov, machine to machine applications are available across the board of our plans. For more details related to our pricing plans you can find it here:

Please let me know if there are any additional questions I can assist with. Thanks!

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