Lucene search from dashboard not working

Hi i have tried a simple search to get users which are not in certain domain , and it does not work
the expression is as follows
NOT email:* - this returns all user from kenshoo domain

also i suggest that there will be more dashboard examples in the documentation -
all the fields are specified but a combination of negation and whildcards is not.
also general examples are missing - the explanation of normalized fields (vs what ?)
is not so clear .

Hello, thanks for your feedback.

I think you are looking for the query: NOT email.domain:* which will search just the domain of the emails.

More details here:

Would you mind to explain why simple email with wildcards would not work ?

Even though email is not listed in the Searchable Fields, you should be able to search via a query like this:

NOT email:**

This returned me all the non-gmail emails.

Thats weird i tried now and it works as expected. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that @shlomiken! :slight_smile: