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loopback.js with react and also auth0



so, i have callback url like /apphome . When i was not using loopback, it was loaded perfectly. Now, i use loopback.js and it throws me an error now. Route cant be found. How do i handle this situation?


I never used Loopback so even if you included the code I would likely not be of much help, having said that, the information you provided is likely also not sufficient for even people knowledgeable on Loopback weigh in on the problem (unless the route can’t be found is like the top number one error that happens when you use Loopback in which case I would recommend a google search).

In conclusion, you should include more information (ideally sufficient to reproduce the issue) and you may also want to consider posting this in a more generalist forum like SO because from the Auth0 perspective there is a supported quickstart for Express and a community maintained one for Hapi, but nothing specific for Loopback.