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Deploying react application to production and callback URL not working

I have a react application, that I have been testing on localhost:3000. Now that I am ready to go to production, I changed my callback URL in the auth0-variable.js file as well as within Auth0’s application.

Works perfectly fine within localhost:3000/callback but when i use I receive a “The requested URL /Callback was not found on this server.”

I started the project using the template auth0-react-samples.

i’m using http apache server to make it web facing and pointing the server root file to build/ which contains the index.html

if I change the callback url to just in auth0-variable.js file as well as within Auth0’s application, once authenticated it just sends me back to the website without visually confirming they have been authenticated, although I know they have been authenticated as I can see this within Auth0

I assume this is a redirect error i’m having but don’t know enough about the .htaccess file you need to include in the public directory to fix it.