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Logs to Azure Blob Storage extension error "Bad Request"

I’ve just set up our first Auth0 extension, trying to steam the logs to an Azure blob storage account. It’s an existing storage account that works fine - just added a new container for this functionality.

Every run returns this:
error: {“name”:“ManagementApiError”,“code”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Bad Request”,“status”:400}


Hi there and welcome! Do you have any more details you can share @drosenblum? This points to a problem in the call that you are making. Can you share more code or direct message the tenant by chance? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’m not sure what details to share besides the config for this extension. When you say “direct message the tenant” do you mean make a call to the blob storage through an api? Wouldn’t be sure of any calls offhand anyway since it’s used by unrelated functionality.
It should be calling storage account devcibstwi, container auth0.

Solved this problem. The issue was that I was trying to use a storage account of kind “BlobStorage” instead of “Storage.” The screenshot in your documentation shows kind Storage which I probably didn’t notice, and assumed specifying BlobStorage couldn’t hurt.

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I’m glad it all came together @drosenblum! Please let us know in the future if we can be of assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

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