Logout on universal login


I use @auth0/auth0-angular and universal login.

import { AuthService as Auth0Service } from '@auth0/auth0-angular';

When I “this.auth0Service.logout();” => my user is loggout from my website, but they click on ‘login’ they are redirected to auth0 universal login then logged in automatically. How to completly logout a user?




If a user is being logged back in then it would seem as though the Auth0 session is still active.

When you perform the .logout() you should see a request made in the browser to Auth0’s /v2/logout endpoint. The SDK will send over the auth0 cookie in this request which should end the session in Auth0.

There should also be a corresponding log entry in the Auth0 tenant log of type slo for the successful logout.

Have you tested our Angular quickstart? I’m including a link here in case this is useful.

Yes; Thanks for the very quick answer.
Thanks for the explanation.

I think I was miguided by the typing as “logout” is void and not Promise.


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No worries! We’re here for you!