Logging out using special url


I’m using @auth/auth0-angular 1.9.0.

To perform a full logout i have to construct a special url as i have to initiate logout using my main-tenant url.

How can i achieve this?


Hi @iherbak,

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Do you have an example of what you are referring to? You can see how logout is implemented in our quickstart here: Auth0 Angular SDK Quickstarts: Login.

I use the Auth0 configured according to the quickstart.
My tenant is a sub tenant, and have a connection to the main tenant (an AD is behind)

ClientId: Client_ID

But to log out correctly i required to construct an URL like


where the returnTo param is URLEncoded, and the main tenant will terminate my session.

But with the sdk it is always using the configured SUB_TENANT_DOMAIN to call /v2/logout

Thanks in advance,