How to navigate *directly* to universal login, after logout?

I am transforming our Angular SPA from using custom login UI, to using the universal login.

My question is, how do I redirect to the universal login page after signing out?

When I follow the quicks-start guide of Angular and use this:

            returnTo: window.location.origin,

my application is caught in an infite reload-loop?


After having updated my authentication guard, I am not redirected to the universal login page. But only after the application is loaded an extra time. How is it possible to navigate directly to universal login - on user logout?

@dan.woda you are my savior :sweat_smile: Can you maybe help me out here? Is it possible with Auth0.js to directly go to the universal login page?

Hi alexab,

Go to application - Setting and insert your url where you want user to navigate after logout in Allowed Logout URLs filed.

I already have that - but can I make auth.js throw the user to my universal login directly?

What do you mean by directly, unless you are not logged out how you can go to login screen. If you explain your requirement in details then may be we can help you.

Currently when I logout with auth.js, I have to specify an redirect url. The following happens today:

  1. User navigates to route /abc
  2. User decides to click “logout”, and I call auth.logout({}).
  3. Auth0 then redirects to my app route /login
  4. /login then redirects to Auth0 universal login.

How can I skip step 3 - and make the application go directly to Auth0 universal login?

I believe this this the whole process flow in Auth0 which can not be bypass.
@konrad.sopala Please correct me if i am wrong here.