Logout callback url not getting updated on auth0

Hey I have been using react-native-auth0, recently I had to change the appId in the ios plist file. I updated the login url callback and I updated the logout url callback both on auth0 and in the app. But when I logout I get this error:

The "returnTo" querystring parameter "://com/ios/s/callback" is not defined as a valid URL in "Allowed Logout URLs". To add a new URL, please do it here: https://manage.auth0.com/#/account/advanced

TRACKING ID: 8d16497939d28f14ad7a

This is exactly the callback url that I am using in the Allowed Logout URLs field. Any help is appreciated

Logout callback URL’s can be added at the client-level or at the tenant-level; in order for the client ones to be considered the logout request needs to include the client identifier. Given that the message is asking you to configure the URL at the account/tenant level this could be a sign that the client identifier is not being passed and as such those URL’s are ignored.

There’s insufficient information to say that the above is the cause of the issue, but it would be a good thing to check.

Yes this was the issue, I actually found out myself but forgot to update this thread! Thanks for the help nonethless

Glad you have it working now @BoKKeR!

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