Logins_count property missing for some "Update a user" events

Looking at the events that are logged, we noticed that some events of type “sapi”, with description = “Update a user”, and details.request.method = “patch” have no logins_count on the response.

Is there any reason for this?

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sapi is for Successful API operation when you use Auth0 Management API. Since this is a backend call made in a machine to machine operation there is no user involved and it is not equivalent to the user login hence the login_count is not updated.


Thanks for sharing that knowledge here @ashish!

Most of the times the logins_count is there, together with other information from the user. I am trying to understand in which cases the logins_count won’t be present.

This is a good question: for sapi events, how does Auth0 determine which attributes to return in the response portion of the log entry?

I’m looking at one such event now … the request portion of the log entry is an update to the user’s user_metadata, while the response portion includes a bunch of root attributes, the entire app_metadata, but oddly (I think it’s odd) not the new user_metadata.

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