Login widget says company name twice

My universal login widget says “Logo to to continue to ” i.e. says my company name twice. How can I solve this? I found this post but it talks about making an API request, which seems an odd solution. Can’t I solve this within the Auth0 dashboard?

Hi @kkrp1 ,

In the past it could only be configured by calling the management API but its also now possible to make the change from within the Auth0 Dashboard too, further details can be found here - Configure Prompts and Screens.

In your case, you will want to navigate to the following settings within the Auth0 Dashboard > Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > Custom Text Tab.
On this Custom Text Tab, you’ll want to select the relevant prompt > Login, scroll down and you will see the default value set for the Description field is “Log in to ${companyName} to continue to ${clientName}.” You can modify this as you wish and save changes. I recommend checking the other prompts such as Signup and change the description there too.

Hope this helps, thanks!


Thanks for this, and sorry for the super-late reply!


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