Login Signup Queries with non personal app registered users

Hi Community.

I did a search, but it is hard even imagine keywords for my overall queries …

We have a Node React Web App called thearsenalreview.com

I’ll start with the first section of this thread …

This has a lot to do with the API I use for Auth0.
We have 50 registered user. However, anyone can sign in even if they didn’t register with us but have done so before with Auth0. I can log in to the site with my other emails, which are registered with Auth0 website beforehand. I cannot register with these because their email is already in use.
One issue is when someone does this, and we make a call to get all users, they’re not included. If anyone can share their thoughts on this point as POINT 1.

Another strange issue is when I make the API call getUsersByEmail and insert one of these outside my app emails, it returns a user and these users appear to have metadata from my registered email like some merging is going on. POINT 2

I did just register with a new never used email and it didn’t add this user to my user’s pile and I did not get a verification email POINT 3

If anyone can give their thoughts on this thanks

Hey there @GaddMaster, I apologize for such a delay in response.

While you may have moved on from this challenge, I wanted to let you know in case you haven’t that a HAR file capture of the current problematic workflow paired with your tenant name would be a good first step into looking what may be occurring here. If you get a chance please send me a direct message with those details and we can dig in together on this. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this front. Thank you.

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