Identify email user that didn't sign up

I’m using passwordless with autho-js and trying to identify emails that aren’t register in auth0 so I can show them the proper message (I don’t allow them to sign up)
How can I know that the email that the user entered exists in my account?
From what I get in the response the emailVerified is always false

Hi @dekel,

I just tried this with passwordless email by sending a link, and my user is showing email_verified:true.

How are your users signing up?

Let me know.


Hi @dan.woda
I’m using the users api endpoint to sign up users and send

email_verified = true

With the request. I also checked in the portal and I can see the email is verified in the portal as well


Please provide more detail. What response is saying email_verified = false? Can you provide an outline of your user signup flow? Can you please DM me a HAR file so I can investigate further?

@dan.woda thanks
Currently we’ve decided to revert the secretless integrations as it doesn’t fit our business needs. Mainly:

  • Short amount of time we can have a valid token
  • Inability to get pre-rendered links and embed them in our emails/sms

Thanks for replying and hopefully this issue happened only to me by wrong usage of your great platform


Let me know if you have any other questions.


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