Login screen keeps spinning after sign in using ionic V3 app on Android

while integrating Auth0 social connection in ionic v3 app on Android, I see the loading con keeps spinning after clicking Login. Auth0 Dashboard logs shows login successful operation. Any advice is much appreciated. thanks!

Hey there!

Would you mind sharing the link to the repo or docs that you’re following in your implementation?

I am using this sample repo as reference GitHub - auth0-samples/auth0-ionic3-samples: Auth0 Integration Samples for Ionic 3. thanks

Hello. I am able to move past the Authentication phase and can see user profile but have questions about the Authorization phase. I am using Auth0Cordova authorize method and after login and selecting the necessary scopes required consent screen, I was brought back to the app successfully. However, the authResult accessToken retrieved from authorize api does not seem right. Passing this accessToken as bearer token to the Fitbit web api causes Invalid token and the scope returned as part of authResult also does not reflect what I have selected in the consent screen.

Please let me know what I maybe missing as the authResult.accessToken seems to be invalid and cannot be used to invoke Fitbit web api directly. thanks!