On Ionic3 app, using Auth0.js and hosted login page, I can logout from one tenant, but stay login in another tenant


I have an active Ionic3 android app in Play store that’s connecting to one tenant using auth0.js and hosted page, I can logout by calling the auth0.js logout function which delete all the local storage of user, tokens, etc. When user click login and bring up the hosted page, it ask for user id and password again, everything is working.

I created another tenant in the same application for lower environments, I copy the settings from the working tenant to the new one. Now, using the same code base with the new tenant, when I call the auth0.js logout and login again, it switch over to the hosted page for a split second then Auth0 return me the same user again with the JWT token, not allowing me to enter anything.

Can you point me to a particular setting where Auth0 is controlling that?


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