Server-side issuance of access token

Hello all,

I have been searching for many hours now for a solution to the following problem:

I have an Ionic App that already authenticates with facebook (i.e. i get a valid facebook access_token back), this happens without the lock widget but with a cordova plugin, because I want to avoid the browser window being opened). Now I want to “issue” a valid auth0 access_token incl. scope=openid on my backend back to the app so that it can fetch the userinfo.

Now the issue is on the server:

a) I send the facebook token to my backend to do a validation if the facebook access_token is still valid

b) if this is the case, I want to request a auth0 access_token (including the scope openid) to sent back to the app so that the app can then fetch the userProfile with the received access_token from auth0.

I have already set up a machine-to-machine application but I cannot get my backend to successfully request an access_token with the scope=openid.

Any help is deeply appreciated!

No one any idea? :frowning:

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