return app, app can not do other operations

I use Auth0 in the ionic, the development of app. Login with Facebook account, will open the browser to enter the Facebook user name, password to verify. But when I Facebook validation in the browser, halfway to give up, return app. I can not operate app at this time, because it is waiting for the browser can Facebook verification results. At this point, how can I stop the app waiting, and operate the app.

My code is as follows:

lock = new Auth0Lock('*****************', '******', {
    auth: {
      redirect: false,
      params: {
        scope: 'openid offline_access'
      sso: false
    theme: {
      logo: 'assets/default/loginLogo.png',
      primaryColor: '#81d8cf',
    language: 'zh-tw',
    rememberLastLogin: false,
    languageDictionary: {
      title: 'so funir'
  public enter() {
    // Show the Auth0 Lock widget;

The recommended way to implement authentication in an Ionic applications (which is a native application even if implemented with Javascript) is to use the OAuth2 PKCE flow. Both the Ionic and Ionic 2 quickstarts showcase the use of auth0-cordova library to implement such flow. Based on your code, you’re trying to use Auth0 Lock in your own application which would not be recommended for this particular situation.