Login-related Actions for Logged-in Users


When a user comes back to a site after having logged in via Auth0, is there an action related to re-validating the user upon their return?


  1. User goes to website and logs in via Auth0
  2. User navigates to another website
  3. User goes back to original website and still logged in (cookies validated?)
    [ ACTION HERE? ]

I don’t know if any Auth0 communication is happening upon step 3, so an action might not be available.

Hello @richard_s welcome to the community!

This more or less sounds like SSO to me, where it’s common for an application to deploy silent authentication wherein it checks to see if the user has a valid session with the IDP (Auth0, Google, etc.) - If they do then the user is returned to the application without the need to interact. A post-login action does indeed run in this scenario.

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