Auth0 actions / flow for disclaimer not sending back to logon page

we have create a disclaimer service / application and have a action configured to redirect the user to this disclaimer. (The user before this is already authenticated to auth0) if the user does not accept the disclaimer (payload which come back) the action should send user back to login page.

however what is happening I believe is the user rejects it and the login flow starts again, however since the user is authenticated (maybe it is the browser cache) they are not presented with the login page but it will go right back to the disclaimer.

I am doing api.access.deny(…) if the do not accept it

How can I have it go back to the logon page

Hi @kris.macgillivray,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community and apologies for the delay.

You may be able to clear the user’s session by redirecting them to the logout endpoint before you send them back to the login page.

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