Login page "submit form" loop when redirected from an external website


We have set up an Auth0 authentication for a Blazor app. Authentication works perfectly fine if the user accesses the Auth0 log in page directly from within the app.

The issue, however, is that the user gets stuck in an infinite loop of “submitting a form” after entering credentials if they access the login link from an external website (a redirect link from a separate website not built by us, which works as the front page).

Our observation is that CTRL+F5 during the “submit loop” refreshes the login page and the user can then access the app after entering their credentials.

Is there any chance we need to switch on some settings in the Auth0 account to allow redirect urls from an external website?


Hi @simon19

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First of all, thank you for posting your question. It sounds like you’re experiencing an issue that can occur when integrating authentication with external redirects. A few things that are worth checking in this case:

  • Check Allowed Callback URLs:

Ensure that the URLs to which Auth0 redirects after login are listed in the “Allowed Callback URLs” section in your Auth0 application settings. These URLs should be the exact URLs where your app expects to receive the authentication result.

  • Handle Authentication State Correctly:

Ensure that your Blazor app is handling the authentication state correctly. If the app cannot retrieve the authentication result or there’s an issue with the state parameter, it should redirect the user to the login page instead of getting stuck in a loop.

I hope this pain point will help you with your problem.


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