Getting redirected to localhost instead of the website hosted on localhost

I have hosted a website on IIS localhost.
I have added the website url into the callback setting on the auth0 application setting.

But despite of that, after successful login, I am being redirect to default IIS localhost page instead of my website.

The .har file is attached.
login callback.har (192.1 KB)

My access control code in my blazor app looks like this -

        <a href="logout">Log out</a>
        <a href="login?redirectUri=/">Log in</a>

Hi there @mithilesh.khadekar!

It sounds like your app is successfully redirecting post-login - That’s good! I’m admittedly not familiar with Blazor but I imagine you have had a chance to look this blog post? Auth0 will just redirect the url defined in any sort of app config related to the specific SDK/technology. I see that you’re redirected to https://localhost/GrowkshPMSDashboard/callback in the HAR file, but I do not see a full authorize request wherein there would be a redirect_uri param.

I have taken reference of the blog post you shared to add Auth0 authentication to my app.

Nevertheless, I have been able to fix the issue. Seems like the https binding on the IIS was missing and the reason for the behavior.


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Awesome, thanks for confirming and following up with the community! :smile: