Infinite Login Loop with Blazor Server App

I am following the blog post here regarding securing my Blazor Server app with Auth0. It is almost working but when I login, it begins an infinite loop and looks like it keeps logging in successfully (by the log history in Auth0 dashboard).

I’ve specified https://localhost:7262/callback and the logout URL and everything is looking correct. Any ideas on what is happening?

Hey @gknierim-me,
Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It’s hard to guess what the problem is without knowing your application structure (if it’s different from the sample project in the blog post) or at least the HTTP request/response flow.
Have you tried to download and run the final version of the sample project?
If you can share more details I could try to figure out what is going on

I figured out the issue. I had the redirectUrl parameter specified as ‘redirectUrl’ instead of ‘redirectUri’ (L instead of I) which is what the querystring was specified as. Funny it never threw an error, just kept redirecting since it couldn’t find it.

Glad to hear you were able to solve it! :raised_hands: