Login modal window not showing email input box

We have implemented Auth0 as a Service Provider and have our first client, who is using SAML as an Identity Provider.

When we click the Sign In link that we’ve built in our app, it sends us to our Auth0 account and shows the login modal.

But, this modal does not show an input box for the user’s email address. It just shows a button with “Log on at --client’s domain–”

This is odd in that it doesn’t ask for the email, and also it exposes the domain of the client.

What are we doing wrong?

From the information you provided it seems the client application in question only has one connection that one would allow the user to enter an email so Lock is showing a special-cased interface for that scenario.

As a workaround, if you always want to force the email prompt even if for now there’s only really usable connection you could consider creating an additional SAML connection that technically does not map to any real identity provider and configure it with an email domain that is invalid and that no one will input. If you then enable that connection Lock will have to show the email prompt to know where the end-user should be redirected.

Thank you - I have tried that and it works. I am now prompted with the box to enter an email address.