Autho login password textbox is hidden for a specific domain address

In autho login page when I type a email address for a specifc email address domain then the password textbox is hidden and we couldn’t able to do login. Can you please help why this issue is happening and provide us a solution for this issue.

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Hi @gopalakrishnan

It sounds like you are triggering “home realm discovery”; Auth0 is seeing the email domain matches a certain Enterprise connection’s configured domains, and so removes the password field as it expects it will need to send the user to an External IdP rather than an Auth0 database connection. If you need to use generic email domains with Enterprise connections, I would recommend rendering them as buttons so a user can choose to login against an external IdP, or passing a connection={name of connection} querystring parameter with the /authorize request to skip the Auth0 login page and take the user straight to the relevant Enterprise IdP login page.

If you are using Lock / Classic Universal Login:

New Universal Login can operate in a couple different ways for identifier first:


Thanks for helping on this one Steve!

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