Auth0 aut0 forward to enterprise IdP and Passwordless

We have a B2B application which captures the user’s email and makes a SAML request to Auth0.

Using the New Universal Login Experience, we have configured several enterprise connections and a database. When a user enters their email address in our App, the request is sent to Auth0 and Auth0 automatically forwards the request to the appropriate IdP based on their domain. If heir domain isn’t in any of the entoerise connect HRD lists it displays a login page. This is all good and working as expected.

Now we want to enable Passwordless. From what i can tell, Passwordless only works with the New lofon experience if we leverage the API (which we don’t).

This means that we have to fall back to the Classic Login Experience. Unfortunately, when I do that with Passwordless it doesnt direc the user to their IdP based on their domain.

Is there a way around this? Either to have Passwordless work in the New Universal Login page without the API or to redirect based on domains in the classic UI?

Hi @helaggan,

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It just so happens that an update was recently pushed that enabled passwordless connections for the New Universal Login. For this to work you’ll need to have “identifier first” enabled but it sounds like you already do, are you seeing any different behavior than you were a few days ago?


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Hi @matt.g ,

Thanks for the response.

Im not using the /authorize endpoint.

Are you saying there’s been an update to allow us to use passwordless without using the API?

Ive enabled passwordless for my Application and am using identifier first but it doesnt seem to do anything? I might be missing something though