Log stream webhook not getting triggered

We have configured log stream with User/Behavioral - Notification event category to receive a webhook call upon MFA factor change. It used to work till Friday (31/May/2024), but now it is not working. May I know the reason?


Hi @srikanth.dyapa

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Thank you for posting your question! I’m getting insight from the Developer Support team about the causes of an issue with the Logs stream webhook. I’ll provide answers as soon as I have more information. Thank you!


I have the same issue, but with Datadog log export in my case.

Everything is configured and working, and it was working on Friday.

In the UI I see that the last delivery from Auth0 to Datadog was Friday, and no new events have been sent since.

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I have the same issue as well, interestingly only with one of my 3 Auth0 tenants with otherwise identical integration. Deleting and recreating the Partner EventBus did not resolve the issue.

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Of note, this started on the same date May 31 2024, sometime around 19:00:00 UTC

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This maintenance seems to coincide perfectly with the timeline that we started to see issues


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We are having similar issues.
Is there any update on this issue ?

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We are also having this issue. I just spent an hour trying to see if we did anything wrong just to realise that it coincides perfectly with the maintenance, as mentioned. Frustrating experience when the log stream says “Active: Your latest log delivery was successful and we are currently delivering logs. Last Delivery: 4 days ago”! Then I assume it’s an issue on our part. We use this to send an email to users using the forgot password link that don’t have a user (which is fairly common for our usecase). We’ve had to hack the functionality in since Auth0 doesn’t seem to aknowledge that this is fairly common, and gives no easy way to take action on a failed password reset request due to non-existing user!

Also frustrating that it would take the team 5 days (!) to figure out this is an issue. For a company we trust our critical security infrastructure to, it’s not a good look to see a completely green status page “no issues”, when it should be trivial to monitor if this is working!

I hope we get a proper explanation for how this could happen.

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Any update on this? Multiple users are reporting this exact same issue starting at the same onset time suspiciously during a maintenance window.

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Hi team,

I want to apologize for any recent issues you may have experienced with log streams and any delay in the information.

  • What happend
    A recent change we made to our delivery scheduling service introduced a bug that affected streams with cursors older than 1 hour. The system reports streams as unhealthy after a series of continuous failed deliveries. This was not the case for any of the streams affected. No deliveries were being attempted due to the scheduler bug.

  • Fix
    We identified the root cause and have implemented a fix that was rolled out on June 6th, 2024 to all of our spaces. All of your log streams should be working properly right now. If you notice that something regarding this topic is still not working please let me know as soon as possible and I will contact the team directly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.