Is there a way to send Action logs to Datadog?

Is there a way to send auth0 action logs to Datadog? When i connect the stream logs i only see the “raw” part of the logs in datadog. But is there a way to get action logs so we can do some visualization on time taken by each actions etc?



Hi @npatel,

I’d like to get a bit more information about this and then I’ll reach out to our team.

Can you please provide an example of the log (obfuscate sensitive data) you are seeing and exactly what else you would like to see added? I’ll take that info to the team and see their response. Thanks!

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These are the login logs that i see in Auth0 and in datadog.

But this Action Details tab data/json is not there in datadog.

We are moving from rules to Actions and i was thinking of using this to optimize each actions even further based on execution time. Also it would be nice to show them the timing difference when we switch from rules to actions.

Thanks for the added context. I’m going to pass this info along to the team.

Hi @npatel,

Those events aren’t currently available in the stream, as you’ve noted.

The team said it is possible to get the execution data with a bit of a workaround. Here is their solution:

We don’t have those stats directly on the log stream, however, we do have an Execution ID on the log events that they can use to call the Management API to get that information for a single execution.

On the log event, the ID should be available under the actions key, such as:

"actions": {
 "executions": [

And then they can use this endpoint to get the detailed info.

It would also be valuable to create a Feature Request for this. If you have a moment, please create a request with details about your use case. If you are unable to, let me know and I’ll make sure to add one for you.

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