Lock We're sorry something went wrong when attempting to log in message

hi, the last week we are having issues when some users attempt to log in the message We're sorry something went wrong when attempting to log in but just some of our users are experiencig this issue i’ve read that it appears when lock config is wrong but in our case just some of the users can’t log in our platform.

Hey there!

Can you provide us with the info on what stack of ours you use? Do you see any differences between the users that have that problem and those that don’t?

thanks for your quick response, we are using lock for react this is served by nginx and is deployed on kubernets.
is the same application for all our users, when i see the logs of the users that cant log in it says “Success Cross Origin Authentication” and also i try with his password on different devices and i can log in.

Hey there Andre!

Sorry for the delay in response! We’re doing our best in providing you with the best developer support experience out there but sometimes the number of questions is too much. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you tell me whether it’s still there? Is the “Success Cross Origin Authentication” message there only for those that can’t login and for others? Have you made any changes to your implementation in the meantime? Thank you and sorry once more for the delay in response!

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We are experiencing the same error, some of our users are reporting they cant log in, seeing the message “We’re sorry something went wrong when attempting to log in” how ever looking at the log we see: " [Success Cross Origin Authentication] " how do we fix this??

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We have been also struggling with this issue the past week. I actually logged in remotely to the user,
from my pc i can log in to his account, but from his pc i can’t login to his or my account.
There was no error or log in the console. all the requests /authenticate and /jwks got a 200 response with correct values.
he had no extensions on chrome at all.
I’ve deleted all local storage/ cookies and cache and still could not log in.
Got the message “We’re sorry something went wrong when attempting to log in”.
Why is this happening?

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Can one of you guys open the GitHub issue in Lock repo providing the context and then sharing the link here with us so we can let repo maintainers know in order for them to work directly with you? Thanks!

I’ve created an issue as requested:

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Thanks a lot for that I just pinged repo maintainers!

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