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Lock version update from 9 to 10



I updated the Lock Client from version 9 to 10.

In my previous version of the code, defining a callback, example:
" ", I was able to login/signup from any url within my site “” or “” .
Now with version 10, I found this impossible to do, any feedback??. What I dont want is redirect the page to the main URL to login/signup.

I am updating to version 10, because I would like add custom fields as part of user’s registration.


As far as I’m aware there is nothing in Lock 10 that would prevent you to initiate a login/signup from any of the paths available in your web application. Depending on the configuration being used you you could need to provide a known redirectUrl (configured in the allowed callback URL’s of the associated client application) that would be where the end-user would be redirected after completing the authentication step. However, the end-user would still be able to initiate the login from any path/page in the site.

Without concrete information about the Lock configuration being used and additional context information about your specific end goal is almost impossible to provide a definitive answer. The recommendation would be for you to update your question with the additional information.


Thank you for your response, let’s me provide more context information.
Using this client version:

JS Code :
const AUTH0_DOMAIN = ‘’;
const AUTH0_CALLBACK_URL = window.location.href;
const options = {
allowedConnections: “custom-authentication”,“facebook”] // allowed two ways to sign in the application (facebook and custom)
//initializing the client
const lock = new Auth0Lock( AUTH0_CLIENT_ID,AUTH0_DOMAIN, options);

Auth0 Side, (Allowed Callbacks)
IDK is this is enough, thank you for your assistance.


Sorry for the previous comment, the format is weird.
I used /lock/10.20.0/lock.min.js as client, I have two clients one using version 9, the other using version 10, it’s exactly same code, same configuration, even when I downgrade the suth0 client from 10 to 9 I can login/signup in any part of the site what it’s extremely weird. Maybe I need to add another parameter as part of configuration or I am missing something. I am using a custom database and facebook as login provider.