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Lock "Sign Up with Google" option not working



Im usign Lock to log in to my Angular 2 application and have already tried Facebook and Twitter options to log in without problem, but when i add Google log in it never shows:

  lock = new Auth0Lock(
    AUTH_CONFIG.domain, {
      autoclose: true,
      allowedConnections: 'Username-Password-Authentication', 'google-oauth2' ],
      language: 'es',
      theme: {
        logo: '',
        primaryColor: '#31324F'
      allowSignUp: false,
      languageDictionary: {'title': 'Wolla' },
      auth: {
        redirectUrl: CALLBACK_URL,
        responseType: 'token id_token',
        params: {
          scope: 'openid user_metadata'

Also if i go to Codepen in your page : it says there was an error and never shows the Lock pop up.

Thanks in advance!


There are several places where you need to verify that Google social connection is enabled for the client you are using:

1- Go to dashboard, and click the Connections> Social and verify Google is enabled.

2- Click Clients, select the client you are currently using from the client list, then select the Connections tag and verify ‘google-oauth2’ is enabled for this client.

3- Lock initialization:

var options = {
languageDictionary: {
title: “My app”
allowedConnections: ‘twitter’, ‘google-oauth2’, ‘Username-Password-Authentication’]

If everything is configured properly, the expected output should be as follows:

![alt text][1]


Thanks! I needed to Configure Client Connections!