Auth0 Lock "Modal" is not showing "Signup" tab when opened second time

We have used Auth0Lock from auth0-lock package like this:

const options = {
  closable: true,
  allowLogin: true,
  rememberLastLogin: true,
  auth: {
    redirect: true,
    responseType: "code",
    redirectUrl: urls.auth0Redirect,
  theme: {
    logo: "<our_logo_url>",
    primaryColor: "#0099FF",
  allowedConnections: [
const auth0Lock = new Auth0Lock(config.auth0ClientID, urls.auth0Domain, options);

Now when we use this lock in our UI, and open the modal for the first time it shows all the fields as expected along with the 3 social login buttons.
Next, when I close the modal by pressing the Esc key, and then open the modal again I don’t see the “Login | Signup” tabs on top of the modal, and also I don’t see the first Social login button for Twitter as well.

Looks like this is a bug on auth0 side. Please suggest if this can be fixed by doing something differently from our side.