Locations tab is missing

Recently we’ve noticed that the “locations” tab within a user page is gone. It used to display a map of the locations where the user logged in, and it’s mentioned in your documentation to work like that: https://auth0.com/docs/user-profile#user-details-locations

We’re wondering why it disappeared, we’re currently on a free plan but I did not notice any information about this being only available in the non-free tiers. Could you please let us know? It is a useful feature so we’d love to keep it and use it.


Hey @jkrzemie I’m investigating what may have happened to cause the locations tab to disappear. I will report back with what I am able to find. Thanks!

After talking with our TSE team it appears that feature was recently removed. If you enjoyed this asset and would like to see it’s return please let us know at Auth0.com/feedback. Thanks!