Load specific provider instead of seeing lock screen

We only have 1 provider configured, is there any method available in the iOS\Android SDKs to just open a specific provider\connection instead of seeing the lock screen and needing to click the button?

In v1 there used to be a like showIdp or some such method… (can’t remember the exact, but thats what I called mine)


The following doc outlines how to authenticate with a specific Auth0 connection in the Auth0.Android SDK:

Can these libraries co-exist with the Lock ios\android libs as gradle\pod dependancies? Or is one or the other?

Hi @steve2

I’ll add to this regarding the iOS side and address your comment. Much like Auth0.Android you can specify a single connection in Auth0.swift. Auth0.swift

Typically in an Embedded Lock project you would want to use both dependencies, Lock itself implements the Auth0 dependency so there are no dependency issues.