Load balance Auth0 AD/LDAP Connector w/ NGINX (need Kerberos support)

Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone has had success with load balancing the Auth0 AD/LDAP Connector with NGINX. I have two instances of the connector, and I could use some help getting all the settings configured correctly.

I have a domain with Active Directory, need to support Kerberos, and my goal is to have the connector reply with a friendly name like http://connector.mydomain.com.

Specific things I need help with:

  1. Which port does the Connector need to listen on?
  2. Which port(s) does NGINX have to proxy to my upstream servers where the connectors are installed?
  3. Can NGINX alone handle the SSL for the friendly name, or do the Connectors need to be configured specifically for that?

I have gotten as far as getting the call back to http://connector.mydomain.com/wsfed..., but things stop working there and the page is blank. I’d appreciate it if anyone can help me get this straightened out.