List of translations for New Login Experience

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We’re looking to sanity check the translations for the New Login Experience. Is there an easy way to list all the current translations? This link no longer works

Also, is there a way to translate the password constraints?

Hi @sorx14

Thanks for getting in touch with us at Auth0 Community.

The easiest way to list all the translations is to use the Text Customisation features on the dashbord accessible via Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > Custom Text (tab)

I tested out the password constraints for the sign up page using french in my test tenant and it appears translated as below:

Are you not seeing the same?

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Hi @SaqibHussain, thanks for the reply.

I was hoping for a CSV or similar that I could pass to other in my org to check translations. I can probably extract them from that page though.

Are you not seeing the same?

I am, but if I wanted to change those translations, I can’t seem to find the option. For example, if I wanted it to say Nombres (0-9) instead of Chiffres (0-9).

Hi @sorx14

Thanks for clarifying. The password constraint text cannot be customised of today, I would suggest you submit some feedback about this with our product teams here so they are aware of the demand for this feature.

Warm regards.

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Just found an alternative way but probably won’t work for long:


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