Liquid case statement with condition in email doesn't work


we have 2 case statements in our email template. It worked without a problem but in the last days( I can’t say exactly since when) it doesn’t deliver the right response.

We have multiple accounts set up for different sites. In the verification email there is a condition like this:

{% case %}
  {% when 'Customer Admin' or 'Provider Admin' %}
{% endcase %}  

If the ‘when’ has multiple options, it doesn’t work. If it’s just {% when ‘Customer Admin’ %}, it works. I tried multiple ways, printed the .
We didn’t had any changes in the past weeks.

Any idea why it’s suddenly doesn’t work?

Hey there @andras.ratz!

Can you send me your tenant name over private message so we can check what is going on? Thank you!

Hi @konrad.sopala,

I too have problem with liquid syntax Passwordless custom link not generating ({{ application.callback_domain }} and liquid syntax(.first, .last) not working) . Are you able to confirm if I experience the same problem please?


Hey there @merzzrc!

It seems that my colleague Dan already handled your case. Thanks!