Linking accounts

Hello, when using account linking whether it is database and social or social and social do you get all access tokens? For example, let’s say if I log in with a database connection and link a Microsoft account. After awhile when the token expires when I prompted to log in and I use the database account will I still be able to fetch the access token for using Microsoft’s graph API since they are linked?

Hi @bstaley0,

After the user authenticates your application will receive an Auth0 issued access token, regardless of whether or not they log in with a microsoft account or an Auth0 DB account.

You can get the access tokens that are returned from the identity provider (e.g. Microsoft) by making an API call to the management API. Some IdPs will return a refresh token that Auth0 stores which you can use to request new IdP access tokens.

Here is the doc for it:

You may have to play around with it to see what tokens the IdP provides and Auth0 stores.

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