Auth0 and Ms Graph

Hi all, I hope someone can give me a little insight into my issue, I am relatively new authorisation and authentication…

I followed the get started tutorial on the auth0 site, creating a Microsoft social login, as I need to access the users emails, I’ve connected my app, given read, write permissions, in fact, I’ve now enabled access to everything, incase I was missing something.

I can login from my app and give permission to the app to access my account, so when I get the claim back I am copying it to test the ms graph code I have and I get an error, staying invalid access token.

I have logged into ms graph explorer, given read/write access and generated an access token there, copied it to my test graph code and it works fine.

I’ve visited and decoded the access token I get back when I log into my app, but the one returned from ms graph explorer, does not decode, I’m at a bit of a loss with it now, if anyone can tell me if I’m missing something, that would be great?

Hi @mike2071,

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It sounds like you are looking for the IDP access token. Take a look at this article that describes the scenario and how to access these tokens:

Hi, thanks for the efficient response, but I do not see the identities array with any of the information that is returned, do I have to configure something to have this info returned?

Have you followed this direction?

To call this endpoint, you need an access token for the Management API that includes the read:user_idp_tokens scope. The Access Token for the IdP will be available in the identities array, under the element for the particular connection.

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