Access Token for Graph API

I got access token after login successfully with azure active directory using work account. How can I get authorization token for graph api now? I want to fetch all contacts after successfully login using work account.

Hey there @kandarprakeshbhai, if I understand right you may be looking for details with working with an access token that azure AD sends. We have this helpful that can assist in that process here but if by chance I am mistaken please let me know and I’ll be happy to dive in deeper with you. Thanks!

I have followed these steps to get access token.I am getting access token with audience I need as audience. How can I get this? Or is there any alternative to get access token to call microsoft graph api?

Hello, i’m trying to use auth0 to develop an app that should be able to read contacts in Outlook account.
I’ve created a connection " Microsoft Azure AD ", configured it and it works.

Unfortunately, i can’t read “ ” API.

As i can see in the jwt, it is configured for audience : , and i need :

Is there any way to do this ?

Can you snag us a HAR File when you are trying to contact the api during your normal workflow so we can get a deeper look at what may be going on and DM it over to me when you get a chance? Thanks @kandarprakeshbhai!

Hey there @kandarprakeshbhai, after talking with our support team and reviewing your HAR file. Your API currently has the audience set to “organize”, you need to adjust this to your desired end point. After which point it should work successfully. Please let me know if you have any questions on this front. Thanks!

Hi there @kandarprakeshbhai, I wanted to touchbase and see how everything was going on the audience front? Thanks!

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