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Getting access tokens for linked identities after primary account login


So I’ve got a login flow setup that allows for a user to login / signup and then once in their profile they can link a facebook account. This is fine if it’s their first time linking since I can get the facebook api access token during the link but afterwards if they logout and log back in I can’t figure out how I would re-get another access token for facebook since it’s not the account I’m logging back in with and as far as I can tell when you login with an account with multiple identities it just provides the access code for the primary identity.

…Hope that kinda makes sense TL;DR I need the facebook access token after I link two accounts.


I realized that the part i was missing was the whole use of the authorization api…I was trying to do too much on the front end and you simply can’t pull from the front end for stuff like what i needed.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your thought with the rest of the community @lcraver!

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