Let User Choose to use Password or Passwordless

Feature: Allow passwordless logins to coexist with password option

Description: I want to make it easy for users to login. If they or their password manager remember their password, let them use that. If they don’t, let them click a button to use a passwordless option like magic links. If they use a social login, also let that option coexist on the same page.

I specifically do not want to force everyone to use passwordless, as this will slow down frequent users who have their passwords stored in password managers.

Additionally, I would like users to be able to login either way for a given session. A user should be able to login using their password in one session and Magic Links in the next session.

FusionAuth has the desired workflow. See, for ex:
[https://fusionauth.io/img/docs/lifecycle/authenticate-users/passwordless/login-page-with-magic-link.png](https://FusionAuth Magic Link)

Use-case: I am building a B2B app where some participants login daily and others much less frequently (2x annually, for example). I want to make it easy for all of them to login.