Lazy migration event missing from logs & log stream

I have lazy migration working in my POC with users existing in my external system being created in Auth0 on first login. I also have an AWS EventBridge instance configured to capture the stream of all log events.

My problem is that the initial migration of these existing users is not captured either in the Logs view in Auth0 admin UI or in the stream sent to EventBridge.

How can I tell my downstream systems that these users now exist in Auth0 if the event is not logged? Neither of the user registration Action flows seem to fire for this event either.

Hi @nconde , welcome to Auth0!

My understanding is that (in case of lazy migration) the event of creating a user in Auth0 happens while they log in (so that would be a single login event for a single user).

Would you be open to create a test user in your original database and perform login via auth0 to see how this event is being logged in (in the monitoring tab)?

Thanks @marcelina.barycka - I tried this and a “Success Login” event is logged correctly. From this event I could tell that this is a newly migrated used based on the login count and identifier. However the event log does not contain the basic profile data migrated from the external system, e.g. given name or family name, and this is the data I need to pass downstream.

Hi @nconde ,

Thanks for this summary.

And for this newly created under the Auth0 database user record - do you see the mentioned data (given name or family name)? Could be that they haven’t been synced?

Thanks - I can see all of the expected user attributes are synced across correctly. The issue is that there is no Create user log event fired and the Success Login event by design does not contain those user attributes

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