Disable event logs for when using the api?

I am using the auth0 events log connected to aws eventbridge listening for the successful signup event. This then performs an action in my database based on a new user signing up.

I am now adding invite ability to my application, where you can invite somebody by specifying their email, this in the background uses the management api to create the user account, etc.

Is there a way to disable the successful signup event in this scenario i.e. when a user is created via the management api

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There is no way to filter logs like you describe. You will need to find another way to filter them in AWS. Unfortunately, I can’t find a specific detail in the log that sets them apart. It may be worth creating a Feature Request if you feel like you can’t accomplish given the current state of logs.

Thanks @dan.woda from looking at the different logs when I sign up via the API the client name is different to when I signup via the universal login page.

The client name when creating a user via the API is "client_name": "API Explorer Application"

So I should be able to filter my eventbridge events on the client name.

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That makes sense. Thanks for sharing your solution.

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