Auth0 Event Logs sometimes missing metadata

Hi, I’m trying to ensure that user.meta_data is included in my log-stream to AWS Eventbridge. It appears to be provided on the “Success Signup” event, but not on “Success Login”. Am I able to specify the structure of the Auth0 Log? Can I use a rule to include this metadata for example?

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I noticed that you opened a Support ticket for the same query. Once the ticket is solved, I will add the solution to this topic. Thanks!

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Below is the answer provided by our Support team regarding this query:

Unfortunately, you cannot specify the structure of the Auth0 Log.

Can I use a rule/action to include this metadata for example? - While researching for this I could see at the moment there’s no ideal solution to write custom entries to the Auth0 logs. But, you can add console.log statements in the respective Hooks and then those logs can be flushed to say Splunk or sumo using the node js libraries (splunk-logging - npm).

Here is a sample code to send to Sumo from Custom DB or Rule or Hook: logging.js · GitHub

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