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I currently have the Developer subscription. When originally speaking with Sales they mentioned that subscription level included “Lazy Load” migrations (using a Custom Database to allow an on-demand migration to Auth0 based on when a user logs in).

Recently when I logged into my portal it says Custom Databases are only available on an Enterprise plan and when we go to production we will need to upgrade. I reached out to the same sales rep and they confirmed this feature is only available on Enterprise. After discussing further with her, she was unsure.

Can anyone confirm if Lazy Load migrations are available on the Developer subscription or not? Further, what is the difference between “Lazy Load” migrations and Custom Database. Is Lazy Load just a subset of features or a specific way to use Custom Databases?


I can’t speak to whether there is a billing / account level difference, but lazy load aka trickle migration aka on-demand migration aka I’m sure there’s another name for it is, as you say, sort of a subset of custom DB. Custom DB just means you are going to use your own database (postgresql, nosql, cloud, on-prem, whatever) to store your database user info (as opposed to enterprise or social login user info) instead of using Auth0’s hosted database user store.

If you want to use your own database you need to write the code for all 6 of the various CRUD functions (Login, Get User, Create, etc.). If instead you want to migrate users from your own DB into the Auth0 hosted DB, then you just supply login and get user scripts and you enable the migration toggle in the settings. Logically looks sort of like this:

Default Auth0 hosted database users: Auth0 <- Database Connection <- Auth0 hosted DB
Use your own database: Auth0 <- Database Connection <- Your DB
Migrate users to Auth0: Auth0 <- Database Connection <- Auth0 hosted DB <- Your DB

Thanks for helping on this one Mark!

Thanks for the info Mark.

My question was more around the billing aspect. I currently have the Developer subscription (which I believe is called B2C Essentials now). With it I see the scripts Get User and Login. I do not see the others (Create, Delete, Verify, etc). I’m assuming these two scripts are the only ones needed for Trickle Migrations.

So my main question is with the Developer (or B2C Essentials) plan can I use Trickle Migrations (Get User, Login) in Production.

What prompted this question was there is a new notification on my portal which says I need to upgrade to Enterprise to use this feature (though it is already enabled, so I am confused)

That’s correct, you only need Login and Get User for trickle migration.

More often than not you will find a feature available in the dashboard whether it is part of your contract or not. Another example is breached password protection … it is not part of my contract (Enterprise) but it is there. I could configure it / enable it but of course my account manager would be giving me a call shortly after that!

One of the Auth0 folks like @konrad.sopala or @James.Morrison may be able to clarify the contract question.

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Hey there!

Thanks @markd for tagging me! @techdynamism let me reach out to our pricing team to get a clarification on that front!

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I received an answer from Auth0 Support:

When using a Custom Database, we have two ways of using it:

  • With Import Mode on (database lazy migration, available starting in Developer)
  • With Import Mode off (always connecting to the legacy datastore, available starting in Enterprise)

If you are using the former, feel free to ignore the warning. Otherwise, make sure you do - otherwise, it will trigger over quota warnings down the road.

Short answer: When in Developer mode you can use Lazy Migrations.


Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!