Laravel Spark Auth0 Integration Failure :(

Hi Everybody, We are trying to integrate Auth0 with Laravel Spark, but also in a way that standard stuff from Laravel Spark classic offers. Here a bit more details.

Basically when someone integrates Auth0 with pure Laravel, it works great . The Official tutorial is here Integrate Auth0 using steps from Tutorial Auth0 PHP (Laravel) SDK Quickstarts: Login. But when we try to do the same steps in Laravel Spark (we have classic by the way) , the problem comes in the last point of CustomUserRepository. It appears the core issue we are facing is Spark Classic’s user model type appears to extend the Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User abstract type, which is incompatible with Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\Authenticatable that the library Laravel Auth0 relies upon. Have you maybe went this path already ? Could you maybe hint what would be right way to integrate the last step so that we keep all the functionality of Spark as it is, because I want to use Spark object in the Vue and also in the project itself…

Hey there @gevgrig !

@evansims is Laravel Spark something you have knowledge on and can help here? :slight_smile:

@konrad.sopala he cannot help, because he headed us here from github. :frowning:

@evansims but maybe because you developed the library, you could help to solve it quicker. I made a dirty workaround by just creating user and logging in with session driver as it was , but i want to completely use auth0 as a auth driver and provider :frowning: Strangely I have yesterday saw that Laravel team has made the repo public here