Laravel SDK deletes port numbers by itself

I am creating a new project in Laravel8.
I installed the Auth0 SDK into Laravel with the following command.

$ composer require auth0/login

Then I set the “Allowed Callback URLs” of Auth0 as follows.


I wrote the code for the login part of Laravel as follows.

    public function login()
        $authorize_params = [
            'scope' => 'openid email email_verified',
            // Use the key below to get an Access Token for your API.
            // 'audience' => config('laravel-auth0.api_identifier'),

        return app()->make('auth0')->login(null, null, $authorize_params);

When this code is executed, the parameter of “redirect_url” will be “http://localhost/auth0/callback”.
The port number will be erased by itself.

Why is this?

Hey there!

Can I ask you to raise this questions as a GitHub issue on our Laravel repo here:

this way you’ll be able to get an official answer from the SDK maintainer. Thank you!

Yes, I understand.
I’ve just posted it to the github issue.

Perfect! Thanks I’ll ping repo maintainers in a minute!

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